July 13, 2019
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the event.
Hello friends! Welcome to our FOP fundraising website!

In previous years we've done a joint "Walk for FOP" fundraiser with the Degenhardt family of Saskatchewan. This year the Degenhardts are unavailable, so we're "flying solo" and will be doing a different event... On Saturday, July 13, 2019, to coincide with the Calgary Stampede, the Munro/Friz family will be holding our FOP Stampede BBQ and Dessert Contest! Come and join us for beef on a bun, and for a fun competition to see who brought along the yummiest dessert. Bring a homemade treat if you want to compete, or else just make a donation and enjoy the BBQ (and vote on your favourite sweet!). And of course, if you can't be with us, we'll be happy to have your donation anyway!

All funds raised will benefit the Canadian FOP Network (CFOPN), a Canadian charity which supports and funds research into Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). FOP causes muscles, ligaments and tendons to become converted to bone, locking joints and preventing movement. Though FOP is very rare, scientists have made great strides in developing medicines to treat the condition. In fact, there are four potential FOP drugs currently in clinical testing, and more on the horizon! We URGENTLY want an effective treatment for FOP, so we hope you'll donate to our cause.

We'd love it if you'd join us at our FOP Stampede BBQ and Dessert contest on July 13. Please feel free to simply show up; no need to "register" ahead of time.

To donate here on this site, click on the tab labelled "General Donations". If you prefer to donate by cheque or cash, contact Karen (see "Details of Events" tab for contact info). 

Tax receipts will be provided by CFOPN for donations of $20.00 or over.

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